The Crystal Amaze

Posted by: Kev Smith
18 January 2022

Lalique's skilled craftsmanship has served to produce a timeless creation and a true work of art

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When it comes to offering a true representation on which the cornerstones of a brand are built upon, nothing comes close to this particular bottle of Macallan. Readers of the world, let me introduce you to The Macallan 72 year old in Lalique - The Genesis Decanter.

Every aspect is a celebratory nod to the craftsmanship and design involved in the complete process. Very rarely do you see every element of a release represented in such a way that honours the whisky, the receptacle, the presentation case and, of course, the distillery itself.

If you are presenting one of your most exciting releases, you better make sure the invitation to buy is as exquisite as the liquid inside. A statement of clear intent, The Macallan chose to position their glorious decanter within a custom-made, wooden presentation case. It was designed by London's Burgess Studio and using materials from the Royal cabinetmakers to Her Majesty the Queen, NEJ Stevenson. 

Distilled in the 1940s, this bespoke crystal decanter is one of the oldest expressions ever to be released by The Macallan. When it comes to luxury items of distinction and contemporary design, the French glassmaker, Lalique, has a reputation that is arguably second to none, underpinning their appointment. From their origins in jewellery-making and ornamental pieces, the heritage of Lalique's skilled craftsmanship has served to produce a timeless creation and a true work of art, utilising all their creative excellence. 

Released in 2018, it is relatively easy to decode the inspiration behind the bottle's design. You can almost see the reflection of the distillery’s smooth-flowing, roofline landscape and neighbouring hills in Speyside shaped into the lines of the decanter. The fact that it contains some of the rarest Macallan whisky lends further gravitas when it comes to showcasing the impact and collectibility of this outstanding single malt.

This exclusive release is one of only 600 bottles produced worldwide by The Macallan and we are fortunate to have one in this January's auction. 


This lot sold January 2022 for £66,000.00

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