Do I have to register to Whisky Hammer before selling or bidding?

Yes - registration is very simple on our Registration Page. There is a one-off registration fee of £5 (+ VAT). This is to ensure that every seller and bidder using Whisky Hammer is genuine. We place a great deal of care and integrity in providing a robust verification process for the buying and selling of exclusive whiskies.



Can you provide a valuation for my bottle(s)?

Yes - as part of our personalised service, we offer a free, indicative, valuation.  You can request a valuation by filling in the form under the Request Valuation page on the website, or alternatively by sending details to us at [email protected].  We recommend sending a photo of your bottle(s) to help our experts provide a more accurate and robust valuation.



I'm a first-time bidder, do you have any advice?

Welcome to the exciting world of whisky auctions! We’ve asked experts from across the business to share their top 5 tips to help you get the most out of your bidding experience.

1 - We bring some extremely old and rare whiskies to auction, so conditions can vary.  Make sure you check over all the lot images and read the description to make sure you’re happy before placing a bid.  We photograph every bottle once it arrives with us, so you should know exactly what you’re bidding on.

2 - Don’t wait till the last five minutes to bid on bottles.  Our website has a useful ‘max bid’ function where you can input your highest offer and let our software do the bidding on your behalf.  If you decide you want to go higher, you can still input manually.

3 - Know your budget before making bids.  Always factor in the 12.5% buyer commission and delivery fees that are added to the hammer price at checkout.

4 - You can find historical information on Whisky Hammer auction sales here. If the bottle you’re bidding on has been in our auction a few times before, you’ll be able to find a guide price on what it typically sells for on the price history graph within the lot description.

5 - We love to talk all things whisky to our members; new or experienced! If you want to talk to us about anything you are unsure about, we’re here to help. See our Contact Us page for details on how to get in touch.

How often are your auctions held?

We run auctions on a monthly basis, see below our upcoming auctions;

Auction Live / Ends (from 3pm UK time) Bottles (from Seller) Required By...
16th August - 25th August 12th August
20th September - 29th September 16th September
18th October - 27th October 14th October

How does the auction work, and how do I place a bid?

After you have registered as a member of Whisky Hammer you will be able to place bids on any live auctions. The bidding process is simple.  All you need to do is enter your maximum bid in the lot auction page and you will then be prompted with a 'Confirmation' message.  It’s really important that you enter the correct bid at this stage as you will be entering a legally bound contract as explained in our Terms & Conditions, and unfortunately we’re unable to retract bids entered in error.

Whisky Hammer will automatically bid on the item for you, up to your maximum bid, based on the following incremental bidding rules:

Minimum Next Bid

 Incremental Bid

£0 - £9.99


£10 - £49.99


£50 - £99.99


£100 - £499


£500 - £999


£1000 - £2499


£2500 - £4999




After you place your bid, we’ll keep in touch every step of the way via email, sharing auction updates, information and alerts should you be outbid.  If you’re successful in your bid, our team will send you payment information and instructions to confirm your exciting purchase, as well as arrange to get your bottles safely delivered to wherever you need them to go.   

What fees are involved as a Buyer?

  • Buyer's Commission: is 12.5% of the final hammer price (the winning bid).

  • Delivery costs: will depend on your location and the weight of the items you have won (see International Shipping).

If you live within the UK, VAT of 20% will be added to all fees, including delivery and commission, but not added to the hammer price. If you live outside the UK, you will not be charged VAT (VAT will be applied at 0%).

For 'VAT Applicable' lots (i.e. lots being sold either by a UK VAT Registered business, or a seller from out with the UK), VAT will also be added to the hammer price of the goods.

For customers out with the UK/EU, a payment surcharge of 3.5% will apply to payments made by credit card.

Who is responsible for the bottles at each stage of the auction?

It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure a safe transit of bottles to us at our office in Aberdeenshire, UK and they will be liable for any damage caused during this journey.  After they arrive with us, we’ll let you know straight away that they’ve arrived safely and assume full responsibility for your bottle.  We place huge importance on security and have invested heavily in our fully insured storage premises, so you know your bottle is in safe hands.  Once we’ve agreed with you where your bottles are being sent to, you will then become responsible for the bottle when it leaves our premises.

Why is the auction timer still going beyond 7pm (UK time) on the auction end date?

Our auctions bring some of the most rare and exclusive whiskies to market, and as such we’re committed to making sure they are designed to be as fair as possible for all bidders.  We use 'anti-sniping' software to ensure that everyone is treated equally.  If a bid is placed on an auction item within the last ten minutes of the auction timer, the end time for that item will be increased by a further then minutes to allow fair bidding time for the second highest bidder to consider bidding again.  Auction timers will not end until there has been a period of ten minutes with no bidding activity. 

When is payment due for bottles I have won?

Our team will be in touch directly when you win any auctions to share next steps.  Payment can be made straight away and must be made within three days of the end of the auction to avoid late payment fees.  We’ll then arrange to get your prized bottles out to you as quickly as possible.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards as well as payment via bank transfer. If you’re making your payment by international bank transfers, you must agree to all FX charges when transferring the payment.

What shipping options are available to get the bottles I have won delivered to me?

We auction some of the world’s most rare and exclusive bottles from prolific sellers, and so place the utmost care when transporting to buyers.  We’ve partnered with a trusted world class courier service with competitive shipping rates and secure transfers to get your bottles where they need be.  We’re able to deliver around the world, and you can check our International Shipping page for specific locations and associated charges.  Alternatively, if you are local you can request to pick-up the items you have won at our HQ in Udny, Aberdeenshire.

What countries do you deliver to?

We’re a truly global auctioneer and aim to deliver to as many counties as possible, however there are some restrictions that we have to adhere to when sending alcohol.  For a full list of countries that we can deliver to, and the associated delivery charges, please see our International Shipping page.

For a list of the states in the USA that we can deliver to, please see the International Shipping Page.

Please be aware of any local customs and duties laws as it is the buyer's responsibility to adhere to such laws. However, if you have any questions, our team of experts are on hand to offer advice.

USA Shipping

Unfortunately we cannot ship to AL, AR, IA, KY, MA, MS, NH, ND, UT and WV.

We can ship to Alaska and Hawaii with delivery quoted on request.

We are required to apply a removable government health warning sticker to all bottles that are shipped to the USA, to comply with US customs and licensing requirements.  These are 'easy peel' removable stickers that we will apply to glass only, ensuring no damage or markings to bottles, labels and/or packaging.

Unpredictable delays during US customs clearance are common and outwith our control. To avoid disappointment, please allow up to 5 weeks for delivery following payment.

Whisky Hammer shipping charges include duties and taxes but exclude State Taxes which may be payable by the recipient based on local State Law.

EU Shipping

At present we cannot ship to the following EU destinations:

France, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Greece, Estonia and Hungary.

Can I personally collect the lots I win from your office in Udny, Aberdeenshire?

Yes - at checkout personal collection will be an option.  Collections can be made anytime between 10am and 5pm Monday-Saturday at our office: Whisky Hammer, Udny, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, AB41 7PR.

Can I insure the items I have won against damage caused during transit?

As part of our personalised service, we can insure the bottles in transit from our warehouses to you, to give you total peace of mind.  All you need to do is select "Add Insurance" at checkout.  The insurance premium will be added to your total at a rate of 3.5% of the value of your items being insured.

Please note, the insurance offered will only cover against breakage or loss during transit.  Due to the various ages of bottles and their seals, condition of liquid is at the buyer's discretion and no claim can be lodged against leakage in transit.  However, all bottles sold through Whisky Hammer have undergone a robust verification and evaluation process.

How do I know the whisky I am buying is genuine?

Whisky Hammer has a rigorous and robust verification process.  This can include consulting trusted literature, engaging with independent whisky experts and reaching out to the distilleries themselves if required.  Everything that we sell through our auctions will have passed our stringent verification processes.  


I have some bottles I'd like to sell, what do I need to do?

Whisky Hammer is trusted by some of the world’s most prolific sellers, and we’d love to bring your bottles to auction.  We’ve spent years perfecting our efficient and reliable set up process, just follow the simple instructions on our Sell page.

Upon registration you will be asked to select how you would like to get the bottles to us.  You can either arrange a courier, drop-off personally to our team at our office in Udny, Aberdeenshire, or request a pick-up from Whisky Hammer.  We will also ask for your preference for payment at this stage, so that we can ensure a prompt and seamless payment following the close of the auction. 

Once we have taken delivery of your bottles, the responsibility is all ours.  We will get straight to work and you can sit back and relax.  We take care of absolutely everything and the whole process is overseen by Whisky Hammer co-founders Daniel and Craig Milne.  Our in-house photographer will capture beautiful shots of your bottles before we host them on our online auction system.  Once the auction has ended and your bottles have achieved their final price, we’ll organise their safe and secure passage to the winning bidder and transfer the sales proceeds straight to your account.

Please note we do not accept Cask Ends, Bell's Decanters or Cream Liqueurs for auction.


What fees are involved as a Seller?

  • Bottle registration fee is £6.00 per bottle +VAT (note multiple bottle lots will be charged appropriately)
  • Reserve fee (optional) is £10.00 per Lot +VAT
  • Seller's Commission is 0% (from April 2024)
  • Bank handling charges may apply when we transfer payment to you if you are located outside the UK

The seller is also responsible for any costs involved in getting the bottles to Whisky Hammer.

What is the Platform Operators (Due Diligence and Reporting) Requirements, (or DAC7 in the EU) and do they apply to me?

From 1st January 2024, Whisky Hammer (and all other UK auction houses) is legally obliged to collect, verify and report certain data to HMRC (UK tax authority) for "Reportable Sellers" under The Platform Operators (Due Diligence And Reporting Requirements) Regulations 2023.  In 2023, the same obligations existed for EU-based sellers only, under DAC7 (EU Directive (EU 2021/514)) regulations.

You are a "Reportable Seller" if, in a calendar year, you sell 30 (or more) lots or you exceed €2,000 in hammer price proceeds (before commission) from your sold lots.

Please note these regulations do not introduce any new tax obligations for sellers, instead they are aiming to improve reporting transparency of digital platform operators for authorities.

We will monitor the cumulative value and volume of lots that you sell in a calendar year and will let you know if you become a "Reportable Seller".  We have partnered with an encrypted digital identity verification tool called "Amiqus", which will allow you to submit the required information and documents safely and securely online through the encrypted system.

The additional information required to be collected for "Reportable Sellers" includes proof of primary residence address, tax identification number (or place and country of birth) and date of birth with verification of ID by upload of an official ID document such as drivers licence or passport.

In the case that you are selling as an entity, additional information such as incorporation certificates will be required to verify the legal company name, registered address, tax identification number ("TIN") and VAT number where applicable.

In the event you do become a "Reportable Seller", Whisky Hammer will not complete the transfer of auction proceeds until the required additional information has been provided, to protect its legal obligation to collect and verify the additional information.

Data is submitted to HMRC annually each January for the preceding calendar year, i.e. data for 1st January 2024 - 31st December 2024 will be submitted to HMRC in January 2025 and so on.  At the same time, Whisky Hammer will provide a summary of all information submitted to HMRC (including quarterly values of sales proceeds completed via Whisky Hammer) to each "Reportable Seller".

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these regulations, please contact [email protected] and our expert team will be happy to help where possible.  For advice on your personal tax affairs we recommend consulting with a professional tax advisor.

Who is responsible for the bottles at each stage of the auction?

It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure a safe transit of bottles to us at our office in Aberdeenshire, UK and they will be liable for any damage caused during this journey.  After they arrive with us, we’ll let you know straight away that they’ve arrived safely and assume full responsibility for your bottle.  We place huge importance on security and have invested heavily in our fully insured storage premises, so you know it is in safe hands.  Once the auction has closed and the bottles have been sold, we’ll organise the secure passage on to the buyer, who will then become responsible for the bottle when it leaves our premises.  


Can I set a reserve price to set a minimum hammer price?

Yes, this will be an option available for you when you register bottles on our Sell page, however please note that the minimum reserve price level is £150. There is an additional reserve fee of £10.00 (+VAT) per Lot.


How soon after the auction will I receive my sales proceeds?

After the auction has finished we will make every effort to transfer the sales proceeds to your preferred account as soon as possible and no longer that 21 business days after the auction end date.  Your Whisky Hammer adviser will send you an e-mail notification when the proceeds are transferred.


Can I check how my items are performing during the auction?

Of course, we understand you’ll be curious to follow the auction as it happens.  All you need to do is simply log into My Whisky Hammer and you will find all of your items automatically listed.  As the auction progresses you will be able to see the level of bids on each item.


How often are your auctions held?

We run auctions on a monthly basis, see below our upcoming auctions:

Auction Live / Ends (from 3pm UK time) Bottles (from Seller) Required By...
16th August - 25th August 12th August
20th September - 29th September 16th September
18th October - 27th October 14th October

What happens if my item(s) didn't sell?

If your items didn't sell, either because no bids were received, or because bids didn't exceed your reserve price, we offer two options; We can re-list in the next auction, or we can return the bottles to you.  Please note that the seller will be responsible for all costs associated with returning the bottles back to them.


Can I bid on my own auction items, or ask a family member to bid on my auction items?

Absolutely not, sellers cannot bid on their own items. This is against our Terms & Conditions and is illegal.  Whisky Hammer is trusted by whisky collectors and investors around the world, with a 5-star TrustPilot rating – integrity and trust is central to our business.

How do I know Whisky Hammer will fetch the right price for my bottle?

All bottles submitted by sellers will go through a detailed valuation process, including consulting external market rates and historic auction values.  However, all valuations must be taken as indicative as auction activity can fluctuate.  We pride our auctions in continuously achieving market leading and often record-breaking hammer prices.



What are your contact details?

We’d love to discuss being part of your buying or selling journey.  You can get in touch with us at our Aberdeenshire headquarters or speak directly to our team by email.  Our details are below.

Address: Whisky Hammer Ltd, Whisky Hammer, Udny, Ellon, AB41 7PR, Scotland, United Kingdom

E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone: +44 (0)1358 747470.