Singapore Bonded Warehouse Service

NEW : Launched June 2024

Our ambition continues to be focussed on making our services as seamless as possible for our global customer base.

We are thrilled to announce that our Singapore bonded warehouse service is now ready, unlocking a variety of great benefits and allowing a more convenient and flexible logistics solution for buyers located in the Asia-region.

At the end an auction, look out for a new shipping option "Ship To Singapore Bonded Warehouse Storage" to commence the process.

Read our step by step guide below to learn how it works, and for information on associated fees of this service.

If you have any questions, or feedback, on the new service, our team are ready to help - please contact [email protected].

Singapore Bonded Warehouse Service

Step 1 - Shipping from Whisky Hammer (Scotland) to Singapore Bonded Warehouse

Shipping cost is invoiced by Whisky Hammer at auction checkout.

 : first bottle £55 + ~£10 per additional bottle.

Optional (recommended)

Shipping insurance available at 3.5% of shipment value.

Singapore Bonded Warehouse Service

Step 2 - Singapore Bonded Warehouse Entry

Whisky Hammer will take care of shipping the goods and delivering to safe storage within Singapore warehouse “under bond” – our warehouse entry fee covers all additional costs associated with transit “under bond” meaning your bottles will be safely delivered to the Singapore Boded Warehouse without the requirement to pay GST* or duties** on arrival to Singapore.

The "Entry Cost" is (per shipment) : SG$350 (first bottle) + SG$50 per additional bottle.

**allow 1-3 months following payment for delivery to Singapore warehouse, if required urgently, please let us know (additional fee may apply).**

Singapore Bonded Warehouse Service

Step 3 - Storage in Singapore Bonded Warehouse

SG$2.50 / bottle / month + Insurance at 0.1% of value / month.

Singapore Bonded Warehouse Service

Step 4 - Options to remove bottles from Singapore Bonded Warehouse

Collect from Singapore Bonded Warehouse

Must be requested at least 48 hours in advance of collection date.

Fee : SG$50 + GST*  + Duties** (per visit)

Changi Airport ‘White Glove’ service

Our warehouse representatives can meet you at Changi Airport to deliver your bottle(s) “under bond” using the White Glove service.  Please note the duty free bottle limit of your destination will apply.  (Service only available during office hours 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Flight details will be required to arrange meeting).

Fee : SG$350

Local (Singapore) delivery from Singapore Bonded Warehouse

Must be requested at least 48 hours in advance of collection date.

Fee : SG$45.00 + GST*  + Duties** (max 10 cartons )

Non-Singapore delivery

Fee : Shipping quote to be provided based on quantity / value.


* Currently Singapore GST is charged at a rate of 9%

** Singapore duties on whisky charged at SG$88 per litre of 100% alcohol, so a typical 70cl bottle of whisky at 40% ABV would attract duties of SG$88 x 40% x 0.7 = SG$24.64