How to Sell your Whisky Collection

An Introduction To Selling Whisky

We endeavour to offer the most user-friendly auction service available. If you have any queries throughout the auction process, or if you would like to suggest improvements, please contact us at [email protected].

How to Sell

Step 1 - Website Registration

Click Here to be taken to the website registration page. You must be a registered user to use Whisky Hammer, as a buyer and/or a seller. There is a one-off, non-refundable website registration fee of £5+VAT. This is to ensure that your registered card details are confirmed and to avoid illegitimate bidding.

By registering you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions – please make sure you read and understand the T&Cs.

Optional – Bottle Valuation

If you would like us to prepare an FREE indicative valuation for your bottle(s), please fill in the request valuation page, or e-mail us at [email protected]. Any valuation prepared by Whisky Hammer will be based on historic auction values and hence musts be taken as indicative as auction activity can fluctuate meaning no prices are guaranteed.

Request Valuation
How to Sell

Step 2 - Register Your Bottles

Registering your bottles with Whisky Hammer couldn’t be easier. Simply click on our bottle registration page and enter the required details. Please ensure you let us know about any damage to the bottle(s) and/or any special facts about the bottle you would like to ensure is mentioned.

At this stage you will be asked to select which transit method you would like (more info in ‘step 3’) and how you would like to be paid after the auction.

At registration you will also have the option to place a Reserve Price on any of your Lots to ensure a minimum hammer price (please note the minimum level a reserve price can be set at is £150). An additional fee of £7.50 (+VAT) per Lot will be charged if you would like to add a Reserve Price.

Immediately after registration you will receive an e-mail confirmation confirming we have received your Lot registration and fees. At this stage your bottles will be assigned a Lot number(s).

Step 3 - Send Bottles to Whisky Hammer

As you complete the bottle registration you will be asked to select 1 of 3 options available for getting your bottles to us safely. If you are selling 6 bottles or more we can offer a FREE courier pick-up service within the UK.  If you are selling 10 bottles or more we can offer a FREE courier pick-up service within EUROPE (please note that UK Spirits Duty and customs disbursement fees may apply).

  • How to Sell

    1. Courier, secure and efficient, preferred option

    Organised by the Seller directly with their selected courier company. You will be provided with a printable sheet to include with your bottles before sending to us. Bottles should be sent to: Whisky Hammer, Udny, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, AB41 7PR, SCOTLAND, U.K. Please ensure that bottle(s) are carefully packaged with plenty of bubble wrap in a strong cardboard box. Whisky Hammer is not liable for goods in transit to us.

    After booking the courier, we recommend that you log back into your account and add the tracking number to your Lots - so that we can track the Lots in transit to us.

  • How to Sell

    2. Drop Off

    If you live near the Whisky Hammer HQ at Whisky Hammer, Udny, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, AB41 7PR, SCOTLAND, U.K. – we offer a free drop-off option. You will be provided with a printable sheet to include with your bottles when dropping off. We simply ask that you provide us with a rough drop-off date so that we know when to expect you.

  • How to Sell

    3. Request Pickup

    If you live in Scotland, you can request a personalised bottle pick-up from Whisky Hammer. Please note that a charge of 40p/mile may be charged for this service.

How to Sell

Step 4 - Auction

As soon as we receive your bottle(s) we will get to work in preparing them for auction. We will capture professional photographs and add a detailed description about the bottle(s). The bottle(s) will be listed in the next available auction, depending on when the bottle(s) were received, as follows;

Auction Live / Ends (from 3pm UK time) Bottles (from Seller) Required By...
22nd December - 2nd January 18th December
19th January - 28th January 15th January
16th February - 25th February 12th February

How to Sell

Step 5 - Payment

At the end of the auction we will endeavour to pay the selling proceeds to you as soon as possible. This will normally be between 14-21 business days after the end of the auction as we need to be fair on both parties and ensure the buyer is satisfied with the delivery.

Payment will be made to you depending on your choice made at bottle registration, either via Bank Transfer, PayPal, OFX or postal cheque. If you are selling from outside the UK, international charges may apply to the Bank Transfer.

Our selling fees are deducted from the Hammer Price of lots before arriving at your 'net proceeds':

- Lot admin fee of £5.00 per bottle (note multiple bottle lots will be charged £5 per bottle)

- Reserve fee of £7.50 per lot (optional, charged only if a reserve price has been added)

- Seller’s commission of 5%

20% Value Added Tax (VAT) will be added to all fees including commission charges.