Number Eight

Posted by: Kev Smith
19 October 2021

What next for Karuizawa and the guardian of Japanese arts?

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One of Japan's most iconic whiskies, every expression released from the Karuizawa distillery is always held with the greatest of anticipation. With the finite reserves of its whisky well noted, what is left to filter into the world is extremely rare and without doubt attached with expectations beyond the norm. 

First released in 2013, the Geisha series is bottled by Elixir Distillers and is arguably one of the most collectible expressions in the Japanese world of whisky, if not on a global front. Now in its eighth carnation, the Karuizawa Geisha series has blessed us with The First, Aika, Golden, Emerald, Murasaki (Purple), Pearl, Sapphire and now, Ruby. Every bottle iconic in its own right with its elegant design honouring the role of the Geisha within Japanese culture. 

The inaugural pair of releases, "The First", are the only expressions depicting more than just the face of the Geisha, which has now become its signature design. The Aika Geishas, the second release, taking the lead on the now familiar mirror-image style of insignia.      

And now in 2021, the penultimate selection of Geishas see the Ruby represented with a 34 and a 38 year old whisky, both which were matured in Sherry butts, showcasing the distinctive rich, dark Karuizawa style. With only 223 bottles available, this 38 year old Ruby Geisha is the older half of the release and slightly more limited in numbers than its younger sibling.

What next for Karuizawa and the guardian of Japanese arts? With the series now set to conclude with the final chapter of the Geisha story, will there ever be a sequel? With such highly limited whisky left, we can only be assured that the next chapter will write a further story of intrigue and honour surrounding this ultra-rare master of Japanese whisky.



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