Celebrating our American Brothers and Sisters.

Posted by: Kev Smith
12 July 2019

a friendly glass of bourbon with a smile

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With the 4th of July celebrations behind us, our thoughts this month turned to the tastes from across the Atlantic and, predominantly, the bourbon market.

Now imagine this scenario for just a moment in the good ol' US and A. You're sitting out in the drawn countryside of Kentucky on a balmy summer night, as the sun lowers behind a dusty road. With a cigar in hand, and your trusty steed secured to an old cedar tree, do you pour yourself a glass of wine or are you pouring yourself a friendly glass of bourbon with a smile? We believe we already know the answer to this.

As much as we like to think of this as the true setting of the bourbon and rye whiskey ideology, there is an ever-increasing culture of bourbon champions within the UK and the rest of the world. You don't even need to be a fan of horses and dusty roads to join this particular posse. 

Ranging from the sweet taste of bourbon, to the spicy-fruit flavours of straight rye, this month we invite you to browse our largest selection of American whiskey on offer. Y'all never know what you might find.




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