Karuizawa - The Emerald Geisha

Posted by: Allanah
21 February 2018

Japan's most desirable distillery?

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Way back when, in 1955, Karuizawa came into being. At the time, it was Japan's smallest distillery, barely producing 150,000 of spirit annually from just four pot stills. Though small, a conscientious effort was made to closely mimic Scottish conditions, in order to produce the most traditional malt possible. No easy feat, in another continent with a vastly different climate... 

The distillery was nestled nearly 1,000 meters above sea level on Mount Asama, a very active volcano. Underpinning this rationale was the notion that the temperatures and humidity found in Japan's highest distillery would achieve a microclimate similar to Scotland. Golden promise barley was imported from Scotland (as had been used by Macallan for all their expressions for a number of years), and Spanish sherry casks which, once holding the distilled spirit, would sit to mature in an ivy-covered warehouse (again, all about those climactic conditions). The process is not unfamiliar. But, add to this Karuizawa's use of water from the nearby volcano, and the spirit has a very distinguishable edge.

Whilst made so very traditionally, there is no forgetting that this is a Japanese malt. And the "Emerald Geisha" seems a very fitting testament to that. "Emerald" in particular, as Karuizawa closed its doors in 2000 making their whisky now somewhat of a rarity; not unlike a precious gem. From a single bourbon cask - of which the yield was only 265 bottles - 35 Year Old Karuizawa is a floral yet dark expression. One of two releases from London's Elixir Distillers, the 35 Year old is also accompanied by a 33 year old expression from a Karuizawa sherry cask. Both bottles are beautifully embossed in emerald packaging with adorned with a stunning colourful Geisha. 

Whisky Exchange's cofounder, Sukhinder Singh, stated the Emerald "offers rich, intense tropical fruit notes... For collectors of old and rare Japanese whisky this is a unique opportunity to acquire single cask bottling that simply won't exist in the future".

It's not a surprise, then, that the Emerald Geisha is winning praise around the world. A rare Japanese malt made with the most traditional of methods, the Emerald Geisha stands as testament to both tradition and fearless creativity.

And, of course, getting the microclimate right. Obviously.


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