Macallan - 25 Year Old (1962) Tudor Crystal Decanter

Posted by: Allanah
22 January 2018

An elegant 25 year old Macallan - distilled way back in 1962 and beautifully presented in a hand blown English Tudor crystal decanter, complete with crystal stopper

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Deep in the heart of Speyside stands the Macallan Distillery. Arguably one of the most famous, Macallan is a single malt Scotch whisky distillery in Craigellachie, Moray. Founded by Alexander Reid in 1824, almost 200 years ago, it was initially known as Elchies Distillery, being in close proximity to Easter Elchies, a nearby manor house. 

Macallan's principles are simple - six overarching and interconnected pillars that make Macallan the malt it is today. Central, Macallan argue, is their spiritual home - Easter Elchies. Important also to the process are the smaller-than-most copper stills which release the flavour, along with the oak casks in which the spirit matures which gives Macallan its signature natural dark hue. Their selectivity and commitment to choose only the finest quality spirit makes Macallan the exclusive malt that it is today - their final pillar is the notion that Macallan stands alone as a "Peerless Spirit", against which no other malt can compete. 

Expressing their desire to be world leading, Macallan's new £100m Distillery is well under way to completion. Set to open this summer, the Edrington Group's expensive project (now rumoured to have exceeded £120m) will draw crowds far and wide, and Macallan are pulling out all the stops to ensure that their new venture stands out. 

It is difficult to be disappointed by Macallan. Their commitment to distilling the finest malts around, to upholding their principles yet still retaining some risk in their game-plan - removing age statements for one - Macallan always delivers. And this decanter is no different.

A 25 year old expression, distilled in 1962 and bottled in 1987 for the Macallan "M 1824" series (marking the foundation of Macallan), this is a beautiful whisky. Presented in a hand blown decanter of Tudor Crystal, Wordsley, it is both breathtaking and elegant. Sure to take pride-and-centre in any connoisseur's collection, this very rare bottle would make a great addition to collectors everywhere. 

This lot sold February 2018 for £4,000.00

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