EU-Based Sellers Guide

If you are based in the EU and have whisky to sell then we can help get your bottles into our monthly online auctions.

We regularly receive bottles from a number of EU countries, and we can assist with logistics to ensure that the process is as simple and hassle free as possible.

Please see below for our cost structure for EU-Based sellers to help soften transit/cross-border costs

EU Seller's Logistics Costs

Who pays each cost?

UK Border Fees

Shipping Charge

(~£25-£50 per box)

Seller's Commission Rate

UK Spirits Duty

(~£8-£12 per bottle)

UK Import VAT

(20% of declared value)

If total shipment value < £800
or average bottle value < £100


Whisky Hammer


5% + VAT

If total shipment value > £800

and average bottle value £100 - £1000


Whisky Hammer

Whisky Hammer

Call to discuus

and average bottle value > £1000

Whisky Hammer

Whisky Hammer

Whisky Hammer

Call to discuus

  • VAT - charged at 20% of the declared value of the goods + shipping cost - VAT will then be reclaimed by Whisky Hammer, so this charge will not be passed on to the seller.
  • Spirit Duties - charged at £31.64 per litre of 100% alcohol. So on a 1 litre bottle of 40% ABV, the charge is £12.66, or for a 70cl bottle of 40% ABV, the charge is £8.86
  • Courier ‘disbursement charges’ - these tend to vary depending on the courier but are normally around £10-30 per shipment (not per box) - so if 4 boxes are sent under 1 waybill number, the charge would be around £10-30.

VAT% Applicable Lots

All lots received by non-UK sellers will be sold as VAT Applicable in the auction.

This means that if the eventual buyer is based in the UK they will pay UK VAT on top of the Hammer Price.

If the eventual buyer is based out-with the UK then they will not be charged UK VAT on the Hammer Price.


Please ensure that shipments are accompanied by a full and accurate declaration of the goods, including accurate descriptions, ABV, volume and declared value to avoid any risk of seizure by UK customs. Declared values should be based on most recent auction prices.

If you require help with creating an invoice please get in touch and we can provide an invoice template.


With regards to packaging - please ensure the bottles are packed in a strong cardboard box, with plenty of bubble wrap and void fill to ensure the bottles are well protected during transit.

Shipments are not automatically insured so sending bottles to us is at the risk of the seller.

No dispute or claim can be raised against Whisky Hammer or the courier following any loss, damage or leakage.