Unspoken Bowmore Black

Posted by: Matty Lusher
23 November 2022

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Bowmore. Islay’s oldest working distillery was established in 1779 by founder David Simpson, and his since become one of Scotlands most well known distilleries. In 1963 the distillery was taken over by Stanley P. Morrison, who started up Bowmore's famous “Black Bowmore” series.

In 1964 distilling began of the “Unspoken Black Bowmore” which got its beautiful dark colour from ageing in a sherry hogshead single was number 3709 which came from the same range of casks as the Black Bowmore range. After ageing for 35 years they were bottled exclusively by Oddbins who bottled 99 bottles, 4 of which were kept in the Bowmore Distillery Museum, making this a very rare find.

This bottle is called the “Unspoken Bowmore Black” as officially it was never meant to be a Bowmore Black however because it was aged in one of the sherry hogshead casks used on the Black Bowmore series where it got its gorgeous dark colour putting it among some of the Black Bowmore.

What was never meant to be, became a part of Bowmore history.

This lot sold November 2022 for £22,000.00

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