Precious Bowmore

Posted by: Kelly Robertson
25 May 2022

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The 52 year old Bowmore Precious Metals is a special release inspired by the rich heritage of Islay, Bowmore’s island home for over 240 years.

Distilled in 1965 - This era has been considered the 'golden age' of Bowmore, when some of the distilleries highest quality and most admired whiskies were produced. Nowadays, these whiskies are incredibly scarce and highly sought after with the spirit produced limited to just a handful of casks.

The rarity of this specific Bowmore expression cannot be overstated. With just 4 of these precious metal cases available worldwide, each contain a piece of the old Bowmore spirit safe; encapsulating a segment of the iconic distilleries history.

This bottle and presentation case represents a rare opportunity to own a piece of whisky history.

This lot sold May 2022 for £65,000.00

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