Celebrating Centuries of Craftsmanship

Posted by: Matty Lusher
20 September 2023

History in every sip

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Springbank Distillery has a rich history that spans centuries. It started as a hub for whisky smuggling and illegal production, eventually transforming into one of the most highly coveted Scotch distilleries. The roots of Campbeltown, where Springbank is located, can be traced back to 1591. By 1841, the region boasted 22 legal distilleries.

What sets Springbank apart is its commitment to maintaining control over every aspect of the whisky-making process. They handle everything in-house, from malting the barley to bottling the whisky—a practice that's becoming increasingly rare in the industry.

One of their most exceptional releases began its journey on June 17, 1952, when the distillation process commenced. This extraordinary single malt, distilled in 1952 and bottled in 1988 by J & A Mitchell & Co. Ltd, yielded just 24 bottles. Notably, the back of these bottles bears the signature of Headly Wright, the chairman of Springbank, who sadly passed away in August of this year after an illustrious 60-year career in the whisky industry. 

Springbank Distillery is a testament to the enduring legacy of craftsmanship in the whisky world. Springbank's journey is remarkable, from its humble beginnings amid whisky smuggling to its evolution into a revered Scotch distillery.

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